B335 005

Pro Power Ultra MTF PLUS is a fully synthetic ultra low viscosity manual transmission oil recommended for a wide variety of modern cars and vans.

  • Premium fully synthetic premium gear oil for use in many modern vehicles
  • Exceptional low temperature fluidity giving fuel economy properties
  • Compatible with sensitive materials
  • Exceptionally good high temperature stability ensuring maximum protection

Product specifications: API GL-4, BMW MTF LT-3, FIAT 9.55550-MZ6, FORD M2C200-D2, M2C200-D3, M2C200-E1, GM 19259104, 19259105, 1940004, NISSAN SPECIAL GEAR OIL NISSAN LV MT-1, PSA SPECIAL PSA FLUID PART NO. 1618078480, SPECIAL PSA GEAR OIL 9730 A8, VW G 052 171, G 052 178, G 052 512, G 052 527, G 052 726, G 052 798, G 055 512, G 060 726

Part Number Pack Quantity
B335-001 MTF PLUS 1ltr
B335-005 MTF PLUS 5ltr
B335-020 MTF PLUS 20ltr
B335-199 MTF PLUS 199ltr