About ProPower Oils

Pro Power Ultra lubricants are manufactured using the highest quality base oils and the latest developments in additive technology to meet or exceed the specifications of the world's leading vehicle manufacturers. Pro Power Ultra lubricants are manufactured in the UK and solely distributed by members of the RAPID Group.

With the introduction of extended service intervals in 2000, stricter emission controls since 2005, and vehicles designed to give ever increasing fuel economy, oil is no longer "just" oil. Oils have become a critical component of the engine, tailored to match the engineering and technology utilised by the vehicle manufacturer.

Just as there isn’t one oil filter to fit all vehicles, there isn't one oil to suit all vehicles. Oil has become vehicle specific. In order to maintain the vehicle warranty (plus the warranty on replacement components such as turbochargers), the engine oil used must carry the correct vehicle manufacturer's specification.

Pro Power Ultra oils are manufactured in the UK and comply with the relevant vehicle manufacturers specifications to maintain the warranty of the vehicle and any associated components. Pro Power Ultra oils can be used during the servicing of a vehicle without invalidating the vehicle manufacturer's warranty, where the product and performance standard listed matches the OEM's required lubricant standard and type.

To ensure that you are using the correct oil for your vehicle, use the Pro Power Ultra "Reg Checker". There may be more than one oil recommended for your vehicle, as more than one oil may carry the correct specification for your vehicle. All of the oils recommended in our "Reg Checker" will be suitable for your vehicle.