HD 75W-90 GL4 / GL5

B300 005

Pro Power Ultra HD 75W-90 GL4 / GL5 is a premium semi synthetic, fuel efficient manual gearbox fluid recommended for use in a wide range of cars and vans.

  • Premium gear oil recommended for use in many modern manual transmissions
  • Contains highly effective extreme pressure and anti-wear additives
  • Recommended for a variety of highly stressed manual gearboxes, heavily loaded axle drives, transfer boxes and other transmission equipment
  • Exceptionally good high temperature stability ensuring maximum protection

Product specifications: API GL-4 & GL-5

Part Number Pack Quantity
B300-001 HD 75W-90 GL4 / GL5 1ltr
B300-005 HD 75W-90 GL4 / GL5 5ltr
B300-020 HD 75W-90 GL4 / GL5 20ltr
B300-199 HD 75W-90 GL4 / GL5 199ltr