C321 005

Pro Power Ultra Auto Type F/G is designed for use in automatic transmissions, gearboxes and power steering from manufacturers such as Ford, Daihatsu, Mazda, Morgan, Rover, Toyota, Triumph and many others.

  • Suitable for use in automatic transmissions, final drives and torque converters requiring a non-friction modified transmission fluid
  • Provides a quiet and smooth gear shift, with excellent frictional stability, anti-shudder & antiwear properties
  • Outstanding low temperature fluidity
  • Compatible with materials found in automatic transmissions systems, such as seals and specialised plastic parts

Product specifications: FORD M2C33G & M2C33F

Part Number Pack Quantity
C321-001 Auto TYPE F/G 1ltr
C321-005 Auto TYPE F/G 5ltr
C321-020 Auto TYPE F/G 20ltr
C321-199 Auto TYPE F/G 199ltr