5W-30 LS

A334 005

Pro Power Ultra 5W-30 Low SAPS is a fully synthetic low SAPS, fuel efficient motor oil suitable for use in both petrol and diesel engines, and designed to give maximum protection to diesel particulate filters (DPF)

  • Premium motor oil recommended for many modern vehicles, including those from BMW, Mercedes-Benz and others
  • Latest synthetic technology motor oil
  • Formulated to give excellent fuel efficiency
  • Protects sensitive exhaust after-treatment devices, such as DPF’s – diesel particulate filters

Product specifications: ACEA C3, API SM/CF, BMW LL-04, Mercedes-Benz 229.31

Suitability Dp

Part Number Pack Quantity
A334-001 5W-30 LS 1ltr
A334-005 5W-30 LS 5ltr
A334-020 5W-30 LS 20ltr
A334-199 5W-30 LS 199ltr
A334-BLK 5W-30 LS BULK 500ltr +
A334-IBC 5W-30 LS IBC – 1,000ltr