15W-30 AGRI


Pro Power Ultra 15W-30 AGRI has been formulated with the latest additive technology and high quality base oils to produce a universal lubricant for tractors, combines and agricultural machinery operating in the severest of conditions

  • Suitable for use in certain final drives, hydraulic systems, wet brakes, transmission and engines
  • High performance additives give precise clutch and brake operation
  • Superior wear, rust and corrosion protection
  • Specially selected additives helps to preserve seals and stops leaks

Product specifications: API CE/SF, GL-4, CCMC D4/G2, MB 227.1, MASSEY FERGUSSON 1135, 1127, 1139, FORD M2C86-A, 134-B/C, 159-B, ALLISON C4, JOHN DEERE J20A, ZF TE-ML 06B, 06L, 07B, 07D, CATERPILLAR TO-2

Suitability P

Part Number Pack Quantity
F101-020 15W-30 AGRI 20ltr
F101-199 15W-30 AGRI 199ltr
F101-BLK 15W-30 AGRI BULK 500ltr +
F101-IBC 15W-30 AGRI IBC – 1,000ltr