0W-20 C5 ECO

A340 005

Pro Power Ultra 0W-20 C5 ECO is a fully synthetic low SAPS, fuel efficient motor oil suitable for use in both petrol and diesel engines, designed to give reductions in fuel consumption and excellent protection during cold start up.

  • Premium motor oil recommended for many modern vehicles, including those from Volvo, Hyundai, Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Suzuki and others
  • Latest synthetic technology motor oil
  • Provides significant reductions in fuel consumption
  • Exceptional low temperature characteristics meaning that the oil circulates quickly even in the most demanding cold start conditions

Product specifications: ACEA C5, API SN, VOLVO VCC RBS0-2AE

Suitability Dp

Part Number Pack Quantity
A340-001 0W-20 C5 ECO 1ltr
A340-005 0W-20 C5 ECO 5ltr
A340-020 0W-20 C5 ECO 20ltr
A340-199 0W-20 C5 ECO 199ltr
A340-BLK 0W-20 C5 ECO BULK 500ltr +
A340-IBC 0W-20 C5 ECO IBC – 1,000ltr