15W-40 E5


Pro Power Ultra 15W-40 E5 is a true multi fleet engine oil, ideal for use in truck, bus, coach, van and certain automotive vehicles. Designed for Euro 3 and older engines

  • Suitable for use in petrol and diesel engines including turbo and non-turbocharged
  • Maximum soot and sludge control helps to maintain component integrity and engine efficiency

Recommended for use in: ACEA E5,B4,B3,A2, API CH-4/SL, MB 228.3, MAN M3275, CUMMINS 20071/72/76/77, VOLVO VDS-3, MACK EO-M PLUS, RENAULT RVI RLD, GLOBAL DHD-1, MTU TYPE 2

Suitability Dp

Part Number Pack Quantity
D101-020 15W-40 E5 20ltr
D101-199 15W-40 E5 199ltr
D101-BLK 15W-40 E5 BULK 500ltr +
D101-IBC 15W-40 E5 IBC – 1,000ltr